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Hello, Hello! Thanks for considering to donate to us! By donating to us, you are helping us fund our legal fees, hosting fees, and hiring fees. Thanks!

Current amount and Goals

Total amount: 0

Unspent amount (Money in the bank): 0


Breaking Even - 15 dollars each month

Incorporate as a society - 200 dollars

Meaning of each target is described below.

Roadmap and Priorities

To start, I want to break even. Electricity prices are low, but they do rack up. A month of electricity costs AT LEAST 10 dollars, just to run this website. [1]

After that, I wish to be able to create and organize an incorporated society (non-profit), so we (Note the change from I to We) can provide services beyond this website, and be much, much more accountable. We can have multiple directors, have limited liability (Think: expansion), be tax exempt, and be able to run a funding grant to people who cannot afford HRT. Also, we can now employ professional lobbying firms, and run ad campaigns on a wider scale. :P This isn't actually too far of a goal to reach. We can get incorporated for about 200 dollars (Although the previous goals has to be met, which shouldn't take that much money.) Once we incorporate, I no longer own this website, and whatever else that is being done here - We do.

My promise

I believe in transparency. Therefore, at the end of every year, I will publish all my donation records (which, if donations are enough, I will get notarized), and all spending records that directly relate to the operations of this "company", even if we are not registered as a society. I will ensure that all the money goes to where it should go, which happens not to be in my own pocket, but to the community.

How to donate

Debit & Credit Cards

Through Stripe

Bitcoin and Ethereum

Bitcoin (BTC) 31n6dLsr9FmzzD7pDa36J1yDwetfHZQ1i4

Ethereum (ETH) 0x8D3d8C9A2d3345e5A29b43554b4B888877b8F8F2

Physical Domations

Physical donations are processed through our PO Box. Please make cheques and money orders payable to "Null Innovations Company". Physical items or gifts can be mailed here as well. Please, do not mail non mailable, or illegal items!

PO BOX 99900 CW 282 921

  1. Server draws 173 watts on idle, and power company charges $0.0950 per kWh at level 1, which I nearly always exceed.