EU-Aibolit Updates

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EU-Aibolit passed all checks and will be restoring their work. Orders are only accepted via email [email protected]. Shipments are limited to the Germany as of January, 2023.

Original email newsletter[edit | edit source]

!!! Good afternoon! We have successfully passed all the checks and will slowly restore our work.

We inform you about the new working conditions:

Orders are accepted only by mail (in writing)

We plan to send medicines from the Czech Republic, Germany, Poland.

We make shipments strictly by country. You can not mix (sorry, but we do not have the ability to combine medicines in one shipment) For example : Zaka№1 only Czech medicines

delivery Order No. 2 only medicines from Germany


Below we will present you the range (it is limited)

To begin with, we will be able to accept orders no more than 3 packages, one item, in one order / shipment.

Medicines that are not included in the list will be accepted / considered through the request (names / dosage / quantity)

Payment by bank details.

Sending by mail. After sending, we provide you with a tracking code. !!! All shipments are made from private to private (for personal use). !!! We work with mail and we cannot influence its work. !!! We ask you to track shipments, control their receipt and receive them in a timely manner (when returning, we usually do not have the opportunity to receive shipments)

For now, we only accept orders for medicines from Germany:

PROGYNOVA 21 Coated Tablets, 3 × 21 (Estradiol-2mg) 1 x EUR 54.12

PROGYNOVA mite 21 coated tablets, 3 × 21 (Estradiol-1mg) 1 x EUR 43.73

ESTRAMON 100 µg/24 Stunden transdermale Pflaster 24 Stk.(Estradiol-8.26 mg) 1 x 78.02 EUR

ESTRAMON 50 µg/24 Stunden transdermale Pflaster 24 Stk.(Estradiol-4mg)1 x 63.6 euros

Gynokadin dosing gel in a dosing dispenser, 3x80 g (Estradiol) 1X 92.28 euros

Gynokadin 2mg Tabletten 100 Stk.(Estradiol) 1 x 79.97 euros

Estrifam 2mg Filmtabletten 3 × 28 Stk. (Estradiol) 1 x 71.16 euros

Spironolactone - 1A Pharma 100 mg tablets, 100 (Spironolactone) 1 x 71.98 euros

Spironolactone - 1A Pharma 50 mg tablets, 100 (Spironolactone) 1 x 49.87 euros

Cyproteronacetat Beta 50mg Tabletten 50 Stk (Cyproteron) 1 x 114.41 euros

Cyproteronacetat Beta 100mg Tabletten 100 Stk (Cyproteron) 1 x 222.72 euros

Cyproteron TAD 50mg Tabletten 50 Stk. (Cyproteron) 1x114.41 euros

Cyproteron TAD 100mg Tabletten 100 Stk.(Cyproteron) 1 x 222.72 euros

Utrogestan 100mg Weichkapseln 90 Stk. (Progesteron) 1 x 78.12 euros

Utrogestan 200 mg Weichkapseln 45 Stk. (Progesterone) 1x92.45 euros

Evista 60 Mg 84 Stk. (Raloxifene) 1x 153.29 euros

Estreva 0.1%, 150g (Estradiol) 1x74.14 euros

ANDROCUR 50mg 100 Stk. (Cyproteron) 1x192.82 euros

ANDROCUR 10mg 45 Stk. (Cyproteron) 1x93.53 euros

DIANE -35 überzogene Tabletten, 3x21(Cyproteron/Ethinylestradiol) 1x66.19 EUR

DIANE -35 überzogene Tabletten, 6x21(Cyproteron/Ethinylestradiol) 1x108.36 euro

Estradiol 2 - 1 A Pharma 100 Stk. (Estradiol) 1x76.65 euros

Thank you for your patience and understanding. We are happy to get back to work! We look forward to your orders! Sincerely yours aibolit !