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A Letter from the Executive Director[edit source]

This year marked the apparent death of one of the greatest DIY websites, HRT.Cafe, which provided information and access to live-saving medication to thousands of individuals.

As the first signs of death to HRT.Cafe, the community was quick to act and created many archives of this site. And so, HRT.Cafe was saved, through the great efforts and collaboration that we, the community, undertook. This website, DIYHrt.Cafe, was created to serve as the replacement of HRT.Cafe. Since the creation of this site, we have received tens of thousands of page views, across all the continents, and I find this project a great success.

This year, many new sources were added. Prices were updated. Information changed. Shops closed, and others opened. Over 450 edits were made, and many new contributors joined. Despite these rapidly changing situations and information, the community was quick to update this site, so we can continue our mission, of improving access to gender-affirming healthcare.

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2022 At A Glance[edit source]

>50K Monthly Unique Visitors

452 Edits across 49 Pages

63.30 CAD in Donations (External and Internal)

Our Vision for 2023[edit source]

In 2023, we plan to expand our site to include pages for every supplier, and an automated process to be able to update prices. In addition, depending on how our finances goes, we would like to retain a lawyer, in case of legal problems, and also hiring in-house staff to help with arranging media interviews, replying to emails, writing software, and general management. We are confident and hopeful that we can reach this in 2023. Read more at Project:2023 Year Start Discussion!

Financials[edit source]

Revenue[edit source]

External Donations
Pegged Cryptocurrencies

Expenses[edit source]

Information Technologies
Load Optimization

Assets[edit source]

Current Assets
Intangible Assets
Domain Name

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