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We verify all merchants listed on the site with the upmost caution. This article will describe the procedures and policies in place to make sure that all the merchants listed are safe and are not fraudulent.

Methods of Verification[edit source]

All merchants are verified through the methods described below:

Well-known[edit source]

Merchants with a well-established reputation and many independent confirmations that verify the legitimacy of the operation and products may be listed on the site without further checks.

Audited[edit source]

Merchants who are willing to turn over records may be intensely audited. Once all the details match up, and we are comfortable with the details of their operation, they may be listed on the site with one other verification.

Purchase[edit source]

A purchase verification involves an associate purchasing something from the merchant to an unspecified location. Names and addresses are never used twice, and merchants are only verified once the products has been delivered and products tested.

Licensed[edit source]

Merchants who are registered and licensed with the appropriate college, and has a verifiable track record are considered verified without further checks.

Special Authority[edit source]

In special situations, different verification procedures may be granted in dire circumstances where existing merchants cannot reliably supply to a geographical area.

List of verified merchants (and how they are verified)[edit source]

Name Verification Method
InHousePharmacy Well-known
EUAibolit Well-known
UnitedPharmacies-UK Well-known
UnitedPharmacies-US Well-known
AllDayChemist Well-known
ReliableRxPharmacy Well-known
Shape Shifter Well-known
RxAisle Well-known
Pilloid Well-known
OTC-Online-Store Well-known
GoodStuffStore Well-known
Favskinhouse Well-known
Amazing4Health Well-known
OtokonokoPharma Well-known
PharmaOnline Well-known
WebOrderPharmacy-US Well-known
WebOrderPharmacy-UK Well-known
Medicina Mexico Well-known
Bio-Japan Well-known
BG Pharmacy Well-known
Farmacy Houses Well-known
ZeemoreUncle Well-known
DragonOrdnance Well-known
DashPCT Well-known
OELabs Well-known
FOLX Health Licensed
Plume Licensed
Vanna Pharma Well-known
Noire Labs Well-known, Audited
Ru-Pills Purchase & Audited