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T[edit source]

Is there any info on here about getting testosterone? Or does anyone have any? It's hard to navigate and I can't figure out if i've found anything or not. Thanks β€” Preceding unsigned comment added by 9er4spera4d1nferi (talk β€’ contribs) 19:09, 19 January 2023β€Ž (PST)

I'm working on adding restricted sources here. Still trying to get consensus and legal approval though. ThatIPEditor (talk) 18:08, 20 January 2023 (PST)

putting the informed consent stuff in a different category maybe?[edit source]

title β€” Preceding unsigned comment added by Danielle (talk β€’ contribs) 13:57, 5 May 2023β€Ž (PDT)

  • In an ideal world, we all could access appropriate care via an informed consent model for maximum safety. Personal opinion: we're all essentially working under an informed consent model sans formalities. We only list the providers as they write prescriptions to be filled at local pharmacies. just some chick from sim city 20:47, 5 August 2023 (PDT)

Does any of the places listed here ship E cypionate injections to Brazil?[edit source]

i cant seem to find any that do, even Otk who ships from Brazil doesn't sell nationally. Does anyone know of a pharmacy or seller who do ship to here? β€” Preceding unsigned comment added by Jenny (talk β€’ contribs) 18:05, 1 June 2023 (PDT)

  • If a provider doesn't explicitly limit their geographic range (e.g., many EU providers only ship within the customs union), you will need to contact them directly as we are not able to completely discern which providers will ship where. Brazil is of note in that they have some notoriety for the strictness of their Customs regime; many goods which are perfectly legal to ship everywhere else are not legal to ship to Brazil. just some chick from sim city 21:20, 5 August 2023 (PDT)

site reccomendation[edit source]

Idk if this is the right way to do it but i reccomend this site Its a dude from bulgaria who buys medication at pharmacies and resells it. The site is widely used in the long covid community too for self medication β€” Preceding unsigned comment added by 2001:1c04:4a0c:c00:efb6:f059:2252:5104 (talk) 17:08, 4 August 2023 (PDT)

  • Recommedation: Please register for an account to protect your IPv6 address. just some chick from sim city 21:26, 5 August 2023 (PDT)
  • We welcome providers to contact our admin team via email to discuss steps towards listing providers on the site. Please refer to Project:About for contact information. just some chick from sim city 21:26, 5 August 2023 (PDT)

FTM, any sources to get testosterone? thanks[edit source]

basically the title, looking for testosterone because I have a small frame and want to pass more as a man. β€” Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 06:06, 9 August 2023β€Ž (PDT)

  • Check top of page for more information. NovaNoire (talk) 09:39, 9 August 2023 (PDT)
  • Recommendation: Please register for an account to protect your IPv4 address. just some chick from sim city 09:44, 9 August 2023 (PDT)

Buying with crypto[edit source]

These sites (TeaHRT and DashPCT) want me to pay with crypto but im not sure how to do that safely. it doesnt feel secure like other ways would be but maybe i just dont understand how it works.

update: i tried using a coinbase account to buy it, charged me fees to buy the bitcoin, it wouldnt let me transfer it and now wont let me transfer the money out. idk if i did something wrong but is there any easier way to do this

  • I'm not familiar with coinbase, although many exchange sites put a short restriction on your account just after you create it which makes it impossible to withdraw money. Check the rules of the site and message customer support if necessary. If you want me to help you with buying crypto and using it to complete a purchase, message me directly via [email protected], I'll be happy to help. --Terio (talk) 14:30, 15 November 2023 (PST)
  • It is advised to not use Coinbase to directly attempt to remit payment to any providers. A self-custody wallet, meaning one that’s solely in your control and not tied to an exchange, is recommended. just some chick from sim city 12:54, 16 November 2023 (PST)
  • Hey, Tea here. Coinbase is a pain in the ass to deal with, we don't have the issue of sending directly since we rotate addresses for btc (therefore ours can't really get banned). I suggest using paypal, venmo or cashapp to purchase and send the crypto. If you're especially paranoid you can send it to a self custody wallet (electrum or exodus are great), however with the current prices of bitcoin changing so much, the sending fees are insane. My best advice is to use one of the aforementioned exchanges to buy litecoin (LTC) and use that. The fees are usually under 2 cents. AFAIK, paypal, venmo, and cashapp don't charge ridiculous fees to purchase and send crypto. Coinbase is safe, but avoid them.

New Provider[edit source]

So If I am a new website do I just put my link in the page?

  • No. Providers are vetted prior to inclusion on the page. Please contact us via emails listed on the Project:About page. (For clarity: We do not discuss our verification and vetting practices with any providers.) just some chick from sim city 12:54, 16 November 2023 (PST)