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Name Shipping Payment Notes Service Status
InHousePharmacy Ships from Vanuatu 5% Discount over $25
EUAibolit Ships from EU Operation suspended
UnitedPharmacies-UK HK to UK
UnitedPharmacies-US HK to US 10% Discount on BTC payment.
AllDayChemist Ships from India
ReliableRxPharmacy Ships from India
Shape Shifter Ships from Turkey Expired SSL Certificate
RxAisle Ships from Turkey 10% Discount on BTC payment.
Pilloid Ships from Russia 20% Discount on BTC payment.
OTC-Online-Store Ships from Russia
GoodStuffStore Ships from Thailand
Favskinhouse Ships from Thailand Does not ship to Germany, Sweden, Hungary, Italy, and Spain
Amazing4Health Ships from Thailand PayPal only for returning customers.
OtokonokoPharma Ships from Brazil Popular for injections. No longer ships to Canada. Do not use Coinbase.
PharmaOnline Ships from EU
WebOrderPharmacy-US India to US 10% Discount on BTC payment.
WebOrderPharmacy-UK India to UK 10% Discount on BTC payment.
Medicina Mexico Ships from Mexico
Bio-Japan Ships from Japan Pharma injections.
BG Pharmacy Ships from EU+ Order has to be placed via Email if you live outside the U.K./Ireland
Farmacy Houses Ships from Russia
ZeemoreUncle Ships from Thailand
DragonOrdnance Ships from Turkey Coupon "transdiy" for 10% Discount.
DashPCT Ships from India/SG Coupon "transdiy" for 15% Discount.
OELabs Ships from EU Injections. Accepts XMR. Limited supply.
Service Status Ledgend
Icon Meaning
Services Operational
Service Alert in progress - Read "notes" section.
Services Suspended


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Payment Guides

Bank Transfer

Bank transfers are the most common way of paying suppliers, since they are easy to send and receive. Every day, over 45 million transactions are made through wire transfers.

To send a bank transfer, you will need the following information, and a bank you do business with.

You will need your recipient's:

  1. SWIFT Code, Institution Code and Country, Sort Code, IBAN (replaces account number as well), or ABA number.
  2. Bank account number (if you don't have their IBAN)
  3. Recipient name and address. Once you have these information, you will need to visit your bank and tell them you need to send a wire transfer.

They will need the information you just collected, and possibly more. Once that is done, they will take the money from your account and send it to them through whatever system the banks use.

Bitcoin/Other Crypto

Cryptocurrency is more difficult to obtain and send, but they are the gold standard for transactions like this. To send bitcoin, you need the following:

  1. A crypto wallet
  2. Bitcoin to send
  3. An address to send the bitcoin to

To start, you need a bitcoin wallet. I recommend and use the Unstoppable Wallet, since it is open source, secure, and has what you need. Also, unlike many of the other wallets, you actually own the bitcoin you put in. Unstoppable does not need to do KYC (Know-your-customer/client), so you do not need to submit personal information, which you need to do for other "wallets" (such as Coinbase).

Once that is done, you need to buy bitcoin, and send it to your recipient!

To buy crypto, you have many options. Be careful! There are lots of frauds and scams within the Crypto marketplace, since there are no laws protecting you! Examples

My preferred option is through a platform called Bisq. Most platforms require you undergo a process known as "KYC", which means submitting all sort of ID cards to prove who you are, but Bisq, being a P2P network, does not. This also means that there will not be an age limit to use it, as well.

To use Bisq, you need to download it from If you are on MacOS Latest, you need to then execute the command sudo xattr -rd /Applications/ in Terminal to remove it from quarantine.

Once you open Bisq, it will take a while to turn on, since it needs to connect to the Tor network, to ensure anonymity and security of transactions.

Then, follow the Getting Started guide.

An alternative to buying crypto is mining crypto yourself. Mining cryptocurrency yourself takes a lot of time, computing power, and electricity. Currently, the consensus is the low prices won't even cover the wear-and-tear on the GPU. However, you can still use Nicehash to mine crypto easily.

Now, you have the Bitcoin in your wallet. Click "Send" in your wallet, and scan the QR code displayed by the merchant. The payment will then be sent, and will take a while to confirm, depending on your fees settings. Once that is done, your payment would be finished.

If for some reason you are unable to use the methods above, get in contact with ThatIPEditor (Current site system operator and crypto nerd), who could help you with crypto.

Other payment methods



Paypal (Perhaps the easiest. However, Paypal likes to terminate accounts without justification, so be careful to not leave extra balance!)

Levels of Recommendation and Grading

Each supplier page will have an infobox showing the class and level of recommendation. This infobox indicates the level of recommendation and quality of evidence in favor of using this treatment. A legend of what each level of recommendation indicates is located below. Careful! This is not written by a doctor, but by consensus of the members of the DIY community. Levels of recommendation may be out of date!

Class 1 - Strong Benefit >>> Risk
  • Is generally recommended
  • Is indicated/useful/effective/beneficial
  • Is generally considered as something that should be preformed
  • Already widely used
  • Evidence is strong to suggest that the above are true.
Class 1B - Strong, but recent/controversial Benefit >~> Risk
  • Is often recommended
  • Is indicated/useful/effective/beneficial
  • Is generally considered as something that should be preformed
  • Already widely used
  • New evidence is strong to suggest that the above are true.


  • Treatment is controversial.
Class 2 - Moderate Benefit >> Risk
  • Is reasonable
  • Can be useful/effective/beneficial
  • May not be widely used
  • Evidence is strong to suggest that the above are true.
Class 2B - Lacks evidence, but reasonable Benefit >> Risk
  • Is reasonable
  • Can be useful/effective/beneficial
  • Semi-widely used
  • General lack of research
Class 3 - Weak Benefit β‰₯ Risk
  • Might be reasonable
  • Might be considered
  • Evidence is not strong/unestablished to prove it is helpful
Class 4 - No Benefit Benefit = Risk
  • Is not recommended
  • Is not indicated to be beneficial
  • Should not be preformed
  • Significant lack of research/poor research results
Class 5 - Harm (Do not perform) Benefit < Risk
  • Is harmful
  • Associated with excess mortality
  • Should not be preformed/administered.
  • Don't even think about it.