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DIYHrt.Cafe is a website created to provide information for how to safely obtain HRT for trans people who cannot access prescriptions for various reasons.

You can edit, too!

Yes, you really can! You can edit almost every page on this wiki! Please do make sure that your edits are helpful and constructive, though. We will not hesitate to remove your editing privileges.


All official notices will be signed with the following key (SHA-1):
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Contacting us

General Contact

In addition, you may add a message to the talk page of User:Administrator.

Contacting us for legal reasons

To contact legal to make a request, you will need to meet the following requirements:

  1. Have a relationship to the content in question
  2. Have a case that is valid within Delaware or British Columbia

You will need to send the following information:

  1. Your legal name
  2. Your complete address
  3. Your date of birth
  4. Your telephone number
  5. Your mailing address
  6. A statement regarding your relationship in the content in question
  7. A statement regarding the rationale of your request
  8. A statement regarding on the damages you received
  9. "I declare under penalty of perjury that all of the information provided above is accurate."

The E-Mail address to send your request to is [email protected].