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This doesnt actually say how to make a claim[edit source]

its great that "To make a claim, you must inform us of your Loss within five days of the discovery of the Fraudulent Activity, and within twenty days of payment", but y'all forgot one thing: where in the actual ever loving fuck is one supposed to go *to* inform you?

As it stands this "legal agreement" specifies no contact methods at all, there is no way to comply with the terms. "Us" is defined as "Privatus Research Limited, a Delaware corporation.", which has no contact information.

Hey, just so you know, if you know the business name you can look up contact information with the Secretary of State (the address is registered with them). Also, our contact information is at Project:About. Anyways, I'll make it all clearer. ThatIPEditor (talk) 09:57, 27 March 2023 (PDT)